ISOMS : Digital ISO Management

ISOMS allows to manage all ISO standards in a single platform with an integrated manner and Annex SL high level structure. 

Smart ISO Consultant

ISOMS aims to manage and continuous improve your ISO management systems on a cloud based solution with risk, asset and goal suggestions gathered from management system consultants

  • Modules

    Our product allows you to manage the entire Integrated Management System through a single web environment/platform. You can safely access your data from anywhere and update it continuously.

  • Context and Scope Management

    Context and Scope Management

    ISOMS allows to manage context and scope of your management systems with suggestions gathered from consultants as internal/external issues, parties and their interests according to ISO management system

  • ISO 27001 Asset Management

    ISO 27001 Asset Management

    One of the requirements of the ISO 27001 certificate is to enable the evaluation of information assets within the company and the monitoring of asset values. Information assets can be managed and evaluated in terms of C (Confidentiality), I (Integrity) and A (Availability) in this module.

  • ISO 27001 Information Classification Management

    ISO 27001 Information Classification Management

    One of the requirements of ISO 27001 certificate; Labeling definitions and information processing rules of information assets can be managed, and information classification of information-type assets can be made.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Risks and opportunities are identified and evaluated by managing the assessment items of impact factors, probability and current control effectiveness created by the risk methodology. The user has the opportunity to monitor the risks and opportunities of all the standards for which he is authorized in a single list.

  • Audit Management

    Audit Management

    This is the module where internal and external audits are planned, audit question lists can be created and nonconformities detected in audits are managed.

  • Incident Management

    Incident Management

    This module ensures that a potential nonconformity situation of the standard can be reported, and then the relevant event is evaluated and countermeasures are taken.

  • Corrective Actions Management

    Corrective Actions Management

    CAM module aims to control and solve nonconformances source from Existing Controls Inefficiencies from Risks, repetitive Incidents and nonconformities from Audits. Process owners can solve them with 5-Why Analysis, correction and corrective actions.

  • Management Review Meetings Management

    Management Review Meetings Management

    Management Review Meeting ; • Beforehand, necessary reports for management are created. • It is planned through the module. • A module where actions given by the management can be followed afterwards

  • ISO Objectives and Goal Management

    ISO Objectives and Goal Management

    It is the module that allows recording the targets of the standard, entering the measurement results of the targets and controlling the compliance with the target.

  • ISO 27001 Annex-A, SoA (Statement of Applicability) Management

    ISO 27001 Annex-A, SoA (Statement of Applicability) Management

    It is the module where the compliance of the control items specified in ISO 27001 – Annex A can be monitored.

  • Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Requirements Management

    Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Requirements Management

    It is the ISOMS module where legal conditions and other conditions such as customer special requests are recorded, a responsible person is appointed for the relevant conditions, the conditions are followed by the responsible persons and the compliance of the conditions is controlled.


  • altAll-In-One Platform
    Cloud based all-in-one place platform that's simplified, secure and sustainable. Makes what can be and otherwise challenging job much easier for you and other stakeholders saving time lowering cost and reducing risks
  • altFeature Licencing
    Although we recommend to you all features and automate ISO management better, it is possible to lower your cost with purchasing features according to your business needs
  • altDigital Consultant
    Manage you management systems within a framework of best practice and methods, ready-to-use datasets and guidances defined by expert consultant and management system leaders
  • altSecure
    Your data is protected with high availability DRC facilities and the most up-to-date system and software security approaches
  • altRisk Based
    Aims to adapt risk management into corporate culture and provides a big picture to handle management systems
  • altFast & Easy-To-Use
    Fast and easy-to-use with optimised source codes, interface, menu and search options developed by considering UX/UI design patterns

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